Gencyst Biotech

Gencyst biotech is located at Helsinki, Finland, nurturing a fast developing biotech industry in the research field of molecular biology, immunology, nanomedicines, and biomedical services. Gencyst is a high-tech company focusing on manufacture/distribution of advanced products to support research and development (R&D) around the globe in the field of biological sciences.       

We are manufacturing and distributing a variety of products such PCR kits, cDNA synthesis kits, ELISA kits, RNA/DNA/plasmid extraction regents and a variety of other molecular biology regents.  Our scientists are focusing on cutting edge research in targeted drug delivery, cell biology, signal transduction, neurobiology.  

Our strength is our teamwork which is systematic, goal oriented and structured. We accept challenges and ways to improve our services. Our products qualify for strict R&D quality control inspection and are certified through regulatory agencies.

We ensure reliability and satisfaction of our customers with our quality control department     

 On confirmation of order, we ensure fast delivery within 10-14 days. After the local market of Finland now we are enthusiastic to open up overseas markets in other EU and Asian countries. We have lasting cooperation with alk biotechnology in terms of manufacturing of high-quality scientific products. With alk biotechnology we are looking forward to developing networks in more than 60 countries around the world.

In line with high quality assurance and fast delivery, another strengthening feature is provision of cost-effective products.  Our mission is to provide cutting edge, high quality, and cost-effective research tools to continue our contribution in enhancing our knowledge in the field of biomedical research.

About Gencyst Team

Dr. Nadeem Hafeez (PhD)

Founder & CEO

Chief Scientist

He is the key person and spokesman of Team Gencyst. Nadeem is founder of Gencyst and serving our team as CEO and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). He is managing technology development and research related matters. He has extra ordinary achievement in his educational career by graduating in two PhD programmes. He got his first PhD in Molecular Biology form Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) University of Punjab and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) Uppsala Sweden. And got his second PhD in nano-medicines form University of Helsinki, Finland and University of Teramo, Italy. He has more than 11 years of research experience in the field of drug delivery, biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, immunology and nanomedicines. As person he is Nadeem systematic, goal-oriented, and structured. As CEO Gencyst requires him to have a high level of interaction with customers on technical and non-technical levels and he enjoy working in as team member which give strength to other members as well.

(+358) 45-78311984

Wajid Ali

Deputy CEO

Regulatrory AffairManager

Wajid is co-founder and deputy CEO of Gencyst. He is serving as Regulatory Affair Manager. He has master degree in Biotechnology. He is managing financial administrative matters of Gencyst. He has 04 years of experience as Medical Device Regulation Specialist and general administrator. As a person Wajid curiosity to look for challenges and ways to improve capacity development of Team Gencyst. Wajid has Expertise a business strategist with a sound understanding of organizational development and sales. He is a skilled communicator with over 02 years of experience providing companies with successful solutions to building organizational success. Persuasive negotiator who uses integrity and professionalism in presenting joint ventures, assessing acquisition opportunities, and identifying new markets.

(+358) 45-78382498

Saima Hafeez

Sales & Marketing Manager

IT support

Saima is the key person of Team Gencyst in terms of IT support. She is working with Gencyst as Marketing & Sales Manager. She graduated in Bachelor of Commerce ( and masters in computer sciences. She is a key person in connection with information technology and social media marketing. She also has more than 07 years of experience in the relevant field. She has good management and leadership skills and believe on learning and on job competence development. As a person she is eagerly looking forward in providing solutions of problems with her skills and knowledge. She is interacting with multiple people daily and learning new things from multicultural people. Innovative thinker who detects more efficient ways of growing company assets by recommending new products, revolutionizing current product offerings, and testing new market approaches.

(+358) 45-78381818