About Gencyst Clinical Center - GCC Team

Dr. Nadeem Hafeez (PhD)

Founder & CEO

Chief Scientist

He is the key person and spokesperson of Team Gencyst. He is serving Gencyst as CEO and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). He is managing technology development and research related matters. He is serving company full time and handling headquarters in Finland and core facility in Pakistan. He did first PhD in Molecular Biology and second PhD in nano-medicines form University of Helsinki, Finland and university of Teramo, Italy. He has more than 08 years of experience in the field of research in connection with pharmaceutical industry and medicines.

(+358) 45-78311984


Wajid Ali

Deputy CEO

Regulatrory Affair Manager

He is serving Team Gencyst as Deputy CEO and Junior Scientist. He has master’s degree in biotechnology. He is managing financial administrative matters of Gencyst. He has 03 years of experience as Regulatory affair Specialist and general administrator.

(+358) 45-78382498


Saima Hafeez

Sales & Marketing Manager

IT support

She is working with Team Gencyst as Marketing & Sales Manager She is also providing IT support for e-marketing. She graduated in Bachelor of Commerce (B.com) and master’s in computer sciences. She is a key person in connection with information technology and social media marketing. She also has more than 07 years of experience in the relevant field.

(+358) 45-78381818