Gencyst Community Membership

As Gencyst Community Member you can get the following benefits

The 10-15% Discounts and special offers on our products


The 15-20% Discounts and special offers on our BABE services


Access to the prestigious Gencyst Community Fund for Research and Innovation.


Access to the prestigious Gencyst Travel Fund once a year for national and international events/conferences/Espoo.


Access to the publication fee for peer reviewed journals for articles/reviews/research papers/abstracts/book chapter.


  • Access to Gencyst network for research collaboration opportunities (we are your industrial partner).
  • Internship opportunities in our collaborating universities/institutes (for students & job seekers)
  • Access to our platform/network for collaborative fund-raising opportunities.
  • Access to our platform for translation of lab research into marketable products.
  • Access more than 87 funding agencies with our collaboration.

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