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Primary Antibodies

Primary Antibodies is an immunoglobulin protein that directly binds with specific protein, biomolecule (targeted antigen) of research interest for detection, quantity measurement and purification.

Secondary Antibodies

 Secondary Antibodies is an immunoglobulin protein that indirectly binds with targeted antigen through primary antibody for detection, measurement, and purification of targeted biomolecules.


ELISA kits is the research tool for accurate detection and quantification of targeted antigen (biomolecule of interest) in samples/cultures. We offer sandwich, competitive, cell-based ELISA kits and many more. 

Cell Culture

Cell Culture is the medium in which cells are grown under controlled conditions outside of living issues. After isolation, cells can be grown subsequently under controlled conditions in cell culture media.

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology study of biological activities at molecular level. It is the study of interaction of molecules in living organisms to perform the functions of life.  

About Gencyst

Gencyst biotech is located at Helsinki, Finland, nurturing a fast developing biotech industry in the research field of molecular biology, immunology, nanomedicines, and biomedical services. Gencyst is a high-tech company focusing on manufacture/distribution of advanced products to support research and development (R&D) around the globe in the field of biological sciences and provide Best Biotechnology Products.

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