Nigento patch is offering compelling solution

Our experts at Gencyst invented effective and innovative method to deliver the drug to infected finger only through our state-of-the-art devise named Nigento Patch. It is simple like a bandage and easy to apply home devise. It has two unique features. The newly discovered natural anti-fungal agent (discovery of our team, patent pending) and painless penetration of drug loaded micro-needles through hard surface of nail. These micro-needles are designed to be dissolved once penetrated and deliver the drug at right place where the fungus is growing.

We are looking forward to giving innovative solution for nail fungal infection with targeted delivery of active agent (natural antifungal agent) through innovative microneedle and simple patch.

The active agent which we want to use in our product, never been used before. In terms of novelty, our product would be innovative in the market which will satisfy the patients who are struggling with nail fungal infection especially toe infection. Our product is designed to deliver the active agent through biodegradable drug loaded microneedle and simple patch (simple bandage). Nigento patch will provide three compelling solutions to our customers.

  1. Targeted delivery of antifungal agent through microneedles at infected finger.
  2. Covering of bandage reduce the evaporation of drug maximize the absorption at infected side.
  3. Newly discovered natural antifungal agent which we found highly effective against fungal infection.
  4. Easy application of Nigento Patch like a bandage, patient can apply on infected finger simply like a bandage.
  5. No side effects to other organs of body and no need combine it with oral intake therapy.