Nigento Patch in Globel Market

Our market survey report revealed that Nigento Patch is satisfying the need of market by providing unique solution towards nail fungal infection. Satisfaction rate of Nigento Patch is up to 95% because it is offering surgery free treatment in just three months and delivery of drug through painless penetration of drug loaded microneedles.

We compare the Nigento patch with currently available treatment options in health care market in terms of patient satisfaction, treatment expense and recovery time. The over all value of presently available choices are 38% because these are failed to provide proper treatment, recovery time is more then 3-4 years in some cases. Because of poor drug delivery to nails, results of treatment may not be apparent for several years. Eradication of the infection is key to improving appearance and avoiding these complications, but it is not easily accomplished because nails are made of keratin, which is nonvascular and impermeable to many agents. Sometime patient has to face (23% cases), expensive and painful multiple surgeries in the form of nail extraction to apply dug under the surface of nail where the fungus is actually growing. Usually, physician recommend combination of therapy including oral intake and surface applicants to treat nail infections. However, Nigento patch has multiple advantages over currently available treatment options and offering surgery free treatment and patient can save up to 80% from spending surgeries.