Nigento Patch Research Project

Nigento Patch is innovative product of Gencyst. Team of experts invented a unique bandage containing drug (active antifungal) loaded fine microneedles for the treatment of nail fungal infection. At Gencyst we are offering surgery free treatment for to help one billion people around the globe, who are suffering from this infection. Currently our product is at technology development stage for targeted drug delivery of active anti-fungal agent to treat fungal infected nails commonly called toe infection.


Nigento patch research project is approved and funded by Business Finland. Team of five experts lead by Dr Nadeem Hafeez are involved in this project. The team Gencyst is committed to provide unique benefit to our customers who are suffering from nail infection. Briefly, nail infection is hardest to treat particularly nails fungal infection. Although in some cases (late diagnosis and improper treatment) results in surgical extraction of effective nails and sometimes extirpation of fingers with nails. Several products currently are available in health care market including surface applicants and oral intakes clamming best treatment for nail infection.

As far as our study concluded that none of them provide absolute solution because all surface applicants are available in solution form and has problem of penetration through hard nail surface, which is non-vascular and impermeable to several active anti-fungal agents. Secondly, these active agents are mostly volatile and their tropical application on nails allow them to evaporate quickly rather to absorb on infected surface.  

Similarly, available anti-fungal oral intakes are week formulations. These week formulations are ineffective against sever fungal infection. One option is to make strong formulations but disadvantages of oral intakes containing potent formulations cause multiple side effects including irreparable damage to body cells and immune system. That’s why FDA haven’t approved strong formulated drug either in the form of oral intake or surface applicants for treatment of fungal infections. In this scenario, unfortunately, the suffering of patient multiplies, and he has to live with this kind of infection up to 4-5 years especially in case of toe infection. Usually, physician recommend combination of therapy including oral intake and surface applicants to treat nail infections. In case of severe infection, sometimes (23% cases), patient has to face expensive and painful multiple surgeries in the form of nail extraction to apply dug under the surface of nail where the fungus is actually growing.