Road Map of Nigento Research Project

We divided our road map in three phases

Phase-I: Technology development and patent application (Jan 2023 – June 2024).

Phase-II: Clinical trials and regulatory and affair matters (June 2024 – June 2027).

Phase-III: Scale up the marketing model in the world (June 2027 – June 2029).

Nigento Patch technology is currently at phase-I and our team achieved the optimization of simple and microneedle patch. We shape up the final product to be ready to introduce in the market.

In phase-II, we will initiate the clinical trials of product and results will be updated on our website time to time.

In phase-III, we will start large scale production of Gencyst unique product “Nigento Patch” and begin the sales through our website. In the middle of Phase-III we scale up marketing plan and introduce our product in whole EU countries. We will sign the contract with licensing partner to target worldwide market.