Bacterial DNA Extraction kit

Bacterial DNA Extraction kit


Specification: 50R , 200R


This product is suitable for the separation and purification of total DNA from 1-5 ml bacterial culture. After the bacteria are broken by lysozyme, they are dissolved by Buffer BL-1, and then precipitated by Buffer BL-2 to remove protein and cell debris. The genomic DNA in the centrifugal supernatant can be bound to the purification column. After washing with Buffer RP and Buffer WB to remove the proteins and PCR inhibitors remaining on the membrane, the genomic DNA is eluted with Buffer TE and can be used in various molecular biology experiments immediately.


Simple and fast: Gram-negative bacteria can obtain high-quality genomic DNA within 1 hour.
No proteinase K and RNA enzymatic digestion steps are required.
Good quality: DNA can be directly used in molecular biology experiments such as PCR, enzyme digestion, and hybridization.




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50R, 200R


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