DNAsecure Plant Kit

DNAsecure Plant Kit


Specification: 50R , 200R


This kit uses a unique buffer system and is especially suitable for extracting genomic DNA from fresh plant materials. It is safe and convenient to use. It can remove impurities, proteins and other organic compounds in cells to the greatest extent. This product does not contain harmful chemical components such as phenol, chloroform and so on. It is safer for testers. The extracted genomic DNA fragments are large, high purity, stable and reliable in quality. The DNA recovered by this kit can be used in various routine operations, including enzyme digestion, PCR, library construction, Southern hybridization and so on.


Simple and fast: High purity genomic DNA can be obtained within 1 h.
Safe and low toxicity: No need to use phenol/chloroform extraction, safe operation.
High purity and good quality: 3-30 μg of genomic DNA can be extracted from 100 mg of plant tissue, and the value of OD260/OD280 is in the range of 1.7-1.9.




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50R, 200R


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