Viral RNAclean Kit

Viral RNAclean Kit


Specification: 50R , 200R


This product is suitable for the extraction of various viral RNA or DNA from plasma, whole blood, cell-free body fluids (including plasma, serum, urine, CSF and cell culture supernatant), viral stock solution and infected tissues.Compared with the traditional boiling method, the detection sensitivity can be increased by 10-50 times.Compared with the traditional Trizol method, the detection sensitivity can be increased 5-10 times.After the nucleic acid of the dissolved virus is bound to the purified column, the Buffer WBR is washed to remove the residual PCR inhibitor on the purified column, and then eluted with Buffer TE for PCR or RT-PCR reaction.


Add Carrier RNA for rapid purification to obtain high-quality viral RNA.No organic extraction or ethanol precipitation.High repeatability and high output.Removal of pollutants and inhibitors to facilitate downstream applications.




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50R, 200R


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