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Overview of Anti-Mycoplasma Reagent


Product name: Anti-Mycoplasma Reagent
Introduction: It can effectively remove mycoplasma contamination without affecting the cell state, so that some precious cells can be rescued after being contaminated by mycoplasma.


Operation steps Anti-Mycoplasma Reagent

1. Before use, make sure that the bottle cap is sealed, at room temperature for thawing, gentlyswirl and mix, wipe the cap with sterile alcohol, and put it on the ultra-clean table.

2. Add Anti-Mycoplasma Reagent to the culture medium of the contaminated cells accordingtothe ratio of 1:1000, gently shake and mix, and then put it into the carbon dioxide incubator tocontinue normal culture (be careful not to operate with other normal cells, so as not toIt cancause damage to other cells), and can’t be stored for current use.

3. For each liquid change treatment, this product must be added to the fresh medium. 4. Mycoplasma detection should be performed after treatment. After the mycoplasma is
completely removed, the cells should be cultured in a medium without removal reagents.

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