PCR Circle Purification Kit

PCR Circle Purification Kit


PCR Circle Purification Kit

Specification: 50R , 200R


Introduction of PCR Circle Purification Kit:

PCR Circle Purification Kit recovers high-purity DNA fragments containing no salt or low salt and no impurities such as protein or RNA from the PCR reaction system. The 200 bp-10 kbp DNA fragment has a recovery rate of more than 80%. and can recover single-stranded,double-stranded DNA fragments and circular plasmid DNA. The recovered fragment DNA can be directly subjected to enzyme digestion. enzyme ligation. and sequencing reaction.

Advantage of PCR Circle Purification Kit:

Fast speed: 15 minutes to complete DNA recovery, can process multiple samples at the same time, save time.

Less steps: Simple operation, just a few centrifugation can be completed.

High efficiency: The unique spin column and carefully prepared buffer can recover a large amount of high purity target DNA each time.

Processing capacity: The amount of DNA that can be adsorbed by each centrifugal adsorption column each time is up to 10 μg.

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50R, 200R


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